New Life Community Church

Changing Lives on Purpose

Bible Study

Small Groups

 Small groups are where get to build friendship as we study the Bible in a much more casual atmosphere.  Questions are encouraged, relationships are deepened and care is given.  Most small groups meet once a week at someone's home.  Please check the schedule for times, locations and study topics.

Times can be found in the Church Calendar section of our website

Kids Alive

We offer Christian education for all ages from toddlers through teens.  We start with learning the basic stories of the Bible as a child.  The teens are taught in an age-appropriate, discussion oriented, biblically topical class.  We also offer an adult education class during the same time as the Sunday Kids Alive program.


Mentoring is a process of pursuing spiritual growth in your walk with the Lord.  This is usually done in a one on one setting with a fellow believer.  Meeting on a regular basis, you will work your way through the process of what it means to be a 'disciple of Jesus'. 


A disciple is someone who loves God so much

 that after choosing to follow Christ they seek to become like Him, by:


-loving God above all else

-yielding to Christ’s leadership

-loving others as Christ commanded

-learning and living the Word of God

-and sharing and teaching these things to others


Understanding that all of these things are accomplished

                                 through the power of the Holy Spirit